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John14 Karen12 Robert10 Paul10 Michelle9 David8 Mark8 Harold7 James7 Susan7 Diana7 Birk7 Matthew6 Brian6 Charles6 Geoff6 Ian6 Candy5 Crista5 Zachariah5 Keith5 Regan5 Donna4 Gail4 Kristin4 Dave4 Michael4 Lori4 Tracey4 Peter4 Jason4 Toni3 Linda3 Richard3 Kim3 Roger3 Karl3 Kyla3 Helen3 Melissa3 Kristy3 Matt3 Alicia3 Aranda3 Chelsea3 Chrissy3 Ruby3 Larry3 Carolyn3 Joanne3 Jamie3 Clifford3 Sarah3 Andrew3 George3 Dawn3 Gordon3 Sheila3 Daniel3 Roy3 Ray2 Rick2 Lettice2 Steven2 Craig2 Malcolm2 Rita2 Cindi2 Tom2 Bruce2 Tyler2 Danny2 Candie2 Renee2 Joe2 Carol2 Anne2 Angela2 Brenda2 Charlie2 Jacob2 Bob2 Kathy2 Chantelle2 Gina2 Brittany2 Alana2 Hels2 Mike2 Timothea2 Sherry2 Singlet2 Timmie2 Roseanne2 Alice2 Nicola2 Randall2 Margaret2 Philip2 Vikki2 Simon2 Krys2 Lorraine2 Phyllis2 Rebecca2 Marc2 Leeanne2 Dana2 Flo2 Jena2 Clara2 Elaine2 Sue2 Earl2 Anthony2 Jade2 Jax2 Oli2

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Worldwide popularity rank for Stathers is # 405779.   [+]
Found 540 profiles and individuals called Stathers.
Preceded by: Sukanti(#405774), Suarjana(#405775), Strechen(#405776), Stemer(#405777), Stavik(#405778)
Succeeded by: Stanicki(#405780), Stallin(#405781), Spadafino(#405782), Soow(#405783), Somberg(#405784)


English 100%


The name comes from the Viking invaders to E. Britan. The long boats could not lay on the sand at lo tide so required a berth. The berth was made by driving staves,weaving willow and back filling. He who did this was a stather. (Hal Stathers)

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